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Following her lady’s movement, Graves eyes looked out the window too. He listened to her and had to snicker. The outlaw had been making money out of they city being a crime city. Well at least he and a select amount of people knew that. He knew Sarah wouldn’t like it all that much. ” It ain’t sweetheart. It’s just something that takes time. ” And maybe control over every bit of Bilgewater. If he’d control the city he could change it. ” Just give it time sweetheart. “

"Yeah…" she gave soft sigh leaning in her seat having her arms warped under her chest. For moment she looked like she aged so much, lost in thoughts. "Hey  I was thinkin to open up school  ….we need education in this god forsaken land. Just heh got to suck up to some idiots and gather enough money for everythin…already  got support of a summoner but…."  with shrug of her shoulder she gave him that warm smile of hers. "Its only a start "

captainmissfortune whispered: "Alright hon ..." slams a bottle of rum on table. "Ye and me drinkin contest!"







"I will let you know…" the man reaches for his sake bottle, tosses it in the air and catches it after. "I won’t go easy on you just because you’re a lady. I hope you will not regret it."



"Looks like you two need another…oooo….4…no! 6 more bottles. Yes. That should be enough. That should be enough to at least give one of you alcohol poisoning a headache and call it a night. Mmmm. Cheers then. Bottoms up. ”

Yasuo wasn’t aware at first. His senses were delayed due to the excessive drinking. Once he spots the undead sitting in front of him, he let out a couple of nervous drunk hiccups and lowers his head.


He kept staring at the Deathsinger, both annoyed by the contest and confused about what was going on, thinking to himself “I guess I’m starting to see things.”

With his head still lowered, he grumbles between hiccups “I don’t know if you’re real… or if I just drank too much. But I just want you to know…. I hate you.”

Squinting her eyes at deathsinger she have thrown away her hat hitting him in face with it. “What the bloody hell are ye doin here? ……dead man cant drink!” she groaned frustrated trying to drink properly while grinning down at ronin.”Bawww givin up eeeehhh~?”

At first, Yasuo had nothing to say. He was very frustrated with this contest. He could keep going but he wasnt granted an easy win. He had clearly underestimated the Bounty Hunter and he wished he could end it, because he didn’t care about it anymore. After a while thinking, his eyes sparkle and he suddenly starts grinning like an idiot. He looks at Miss Fortune and finally let it out “…Victory is yours, captain.” He then proceeds to stand up and lift up a bottle, proposing “How about we make a toast to celebrate your victory?”


He leans the bottle’s tip against his lips and starts drinking, but suddenly -


He spits the rum he had in his mouth all over her and starts having a laughing fit.



// Take notes, ladies and gentlemen this is why he is called the unforgiven. YASUO YOU’RE A TERRIBLE PERSON

"OH IM SO TAKING YER DAMN HEAD LEAUGE OR NOT YE DAMN SORE LOSERRRR~" and then she flops  in floor dead drunk

captainmissfortune whispered:


"Captain you know I can bandage myself- ow…" He pauses.

"Ok fine."

"Shaddup scrub who else will look after yer back  hmmm? Now hold still~" grins pulling out needle and thread. 


Shurima: Rise of the Ascended

emiix waifu!!!


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Good night my darlings~
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  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:what is your favorite animal?

/CATCATCATCAAAT big or small I love eeeem <3

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/Playing league…..and dress up games >->

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"I hate it when all the rum is gone …thanks to my crew….and Von "