the-buckshot-outlaw whispered: So ready to leave?

"Eyup ready when ye are " winking she puts up a backpack on her back with wide grin.

Good night my darlings~


A Waving Wave

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summonerzenshan whispered: Maybe that he hoped for a fight, so in the middle of the night. The only thing which he obtains was a magnificent Pirate Song. The voice, feminine, rose of the ship of Miss Fortune, and even at three o'clock in the morning, Zenshan knew that the crew of the captain would not hold against her. Her voice was unmistakably magnificent and contained perfectly all the sweetness, relative, of the song. The invoker stopped on the bank to listen to it, a smile in lips, then sleepy.

/ ovo your a sweethart you know that~?

summonerzenshan whispered: (//YOUR NEW PLAYLIST IS JUST AMAZING *-*)

//thank youuuuu i love it too xD

/I was what 13 when watched this movie…..and was sad that kids didnt knew any of these bands >v>;

/lil dose of Tenacious D~